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Porsche Of The Day: 1994 Porsche 962CR Schuppan

Built with Japanese backing, Le Mans-winning driver Vern Schuppan created his very own street-legal Porsche 962. These cars were built as a tribute to his victory at the 1993 Le Mans behind the wheel of a Porsche 956. Since then, the Porsche 956 and its 962 IMSA-spec have become one of the most successful prototype racecars in history, claiming over 130 victories.

At the time, Schuppan was working directly with Porsche to develop a carbon fiber version of the car’s monocoque chassis. They received drawings directly from the factory to build the new car. Vern recalls “We contracted the UK company ‘Advanced Composite Technology’ to develop the tub and tool up to produce it, building an initial batch of five. Reynard subsequently took this over and built another five for our 962CR road car project, with a total order of 25 such chassis.”

Supposedly five or six examples were built by Modena Cars in High Wycombe and complied with either Japanese or German safety laws. Each of the road were entirely new since Schuppan manufactured his own chassis and body based on 962 designs. The only Porsche-sourced component was the engine which was the same used in 962C North American IMSA car, that is, the air-cooled, 3.3 liter, twin turbo version.

Photo Source: BingoSports