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Porsche 911 991 R

Date of unveil by Porsche AG: March 1, 2016
Premiere: March 1, 2016 Geneva Motor Show (Salon International de l'Auto et accessoires) press day
World market launch: May 2016

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Technical specification and comparison

Modification Engine kW lb-ft Nm Gearbox 60 mph 100 km/h 160 km/h 200 km/h mph km/h kg lb W/lb W/kg Nord-
2016 911 991 R 4.0B6 368 338 460 manual 6-speed 3.7 sec. 3.8 sec. 201 323 1370 3020 122 269
2015 911 991 GT3 RS 4.0B6 368 338 460 PDK 7-speed 3.2 sec. 3.3 sec. 7.1 sec. 10.9 sec. 193 310 1420 3130 118 259 7:20
2013 911 991 GT3 3.8B6 350 324 440 PDK 7-speed 3.3 sec. 3.5 sec. 7.5 sec. 11.4 sec. 196 315 1430 3153 111 245 7:30

After the 991.2 generation 911 was already half a year on the market, suddenly one more version of the 991.1 was introduced, the 911 R. The 2016 911 R is a 991 GT3 minus the rear wing plus 991 GT3 RS engine plus 997 GT manual gearbox. It is a car for the people who started to love Porsches during the Ferry Porsche era (Ferry Porsche died in 1998). The car is for people who have above average driving skills. The car is for people who set more value to the inner beauty than to the outer beauty. Thanks to the aerodynamic body, the 991 R is 8 mph/13 km/h faster in top speed than the not so aerodynamic 991 GT3 RS.

There was a model with the same name in 1967. In 1967 the 911 R scored its first victory at an 84-hour endurance test and was at the event equipped with the Sportomatic gearbox - a gearbox without clutch pedal. So, you would expect the 2016 911 R come with the PDK gearbox, but luckily it was made with the manual gearbox. And interestingly so, the 991 R got the 6-speed manual gearbox from the 997 and not the 7-speed manual from the 991 (the 7th speed was an overdrive gear anyway for lowering the fuel consumption, top speed was achieved in 6th gear). In order to get the weight down, the 991 R was equipped with manual gearbox, ceramic brakes, CFRP front wings and bonnet, magnesium roof panel, plastic rear windows and rear side windows, deleted were the rear seats, the automatic air conditioning system and the stereo. The chassis came from the 991 GT3, so along came the rear wheel steering, which might not go with the philosophy of a lightweight car for skilled driver (the GT3 Cup does not have rear wheel steering).

The 991 R was designed to be offered in white and silver only with black dashboard and seats either in black or brown. Although Porsche press release from March 1, 2016, stated that the cars could now be ordered, in reality the cars were all sold out months before.

Bonnet and wings are made of carbon fibre reinforced plastic and the roof of magnesium© Porsche
Front spoiler and wheels from GT3 © Porsche
Green stripes, clear glass taillights and dark wheels © Porsche
© Porsche
© Porsche
The stripes are optional © Porsche
Plastic rear window and rear side windows © Porsche
GT Silver 911 R © James Herne /
911 R without the optional stripes © James Herne /
© Porsche
© Porsche
991.2 steering wheel in a 991.1 © Porsche
© Porsche
One-piece buckets came as standard, but foldable buckets and usual sports seats were also available© Porsche
Pepita houndstooth/tartan cloth is a classic© Porsche
© Porsche
000 is the number on the prototype © Porsche
© Porsche

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