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Porsche 908/02 K Spyder (non-Flunder)

Premiere: January 8, 1969, Hockenheimring press event

1969 January 8 Hockenheimring: 908/02 Spyder prototype (note the air intakes known from the 908/01 K Coupé). Drivers Gerhard Mitter, Hans Herrmann, Jo Siffert, Rolf Stommelen, Rico Steinemann, Kurt Ahrens, Udo Schütz, Brian Redman, Richard Attwood, Gérard Larrousse, Pauli Toivonen, Björn Waldegaard. © Porsche

For 1969 racing season the new rules allowed open cars and Porsche built a lighter 908/02 K Spyder. While the 908/01 were initially built with steel frames and then with aluminium frames, the 908/02 K Spyders were all made with aluminium tube frames. The frames were pressurised and had air pressure gauges. This helped to detect if the frame got any damage during the race. In order to further increase the stability in braking into corners, an anti-blocking system was created and tested, but it was not yet advanced enough to use in racing (would be used for the first time in a 1973 917/30).

The first race for the 908/02 was Sebring 12H on March 22, 1969. Rolf Stommelen/Joe Buzzetta/Kurt Ahrens Jr. drove the 908/02 K to third place. This was just a start of the 908/02 conquering that was about to come along very soon. The Brands Hatch 6H podium on April 13, 1969 was already wiped by 908/02 Ks with Jo Siffert/Brian Redman as the winners.

1969 April 13, Brands Hatch 6H is won by 908/02 K (chassis 908/02-011) #53 Jo Siffert/Brian Redman and followed by two other 908/02 Ks: 2nd #55 Vic Elford/Richard Attwood and 3rd #54 Gerhard Mitter/Udo Schütz © unknown (please inform if you know)

Following the 1-2-3 triumph at Brands Hatch, three weeks later Porsche did a 1-2-3-4 at 1969 Targa Florio. 79 cars had started for the race and 52 finished including 18 Porsches. All the top four Porsches were 908/02 K Spyders and in addition two 907s placed 6th and 7th. Engineer and constructor Ferdinand Piëch was surely about to become the king of the racing world.

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Special thanks to Nikola Antelj

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