Porsche 908/01 LH Coupé

Premiere: April 7, 1968 Le Mans test day

© James Herne / Stuttcars.com

The first 908 appeared at the 1968 Le Mans test day on April 7. In 1968 the 908/01s were called simply 908s and from 1969, when the 908/02 came, the first generation was called 908/01. The 3-litre normally aspirated 8-cylinder 908 boxer engine developed 257-272 kW. The first version of the 908/01 shown was the LH (Langheck, German for “long tail”). The first competition it entered was the Monza 1000 km on April 25. The two entered cars had rear fins and no rear spoiler.

1968 April 25 Monza 1000 km, #5 Ludovico Scarfiotti/Gerhard Mitter. The first version of the 908/01 LH Coupé had fins instead of rear spoiler.© Silvano Franzi / Phõtos Gráphein

The Le Mans 24H race was planned for June 15 and 16, but had to be postponed due to French students' and workers' strikes that had started in May. The struggles reached into every corner of French life, so the Le Mans racing event was postponed three and half months to September 28-29. For the Le Mans the 908 LH’s now had rear spoilers instead of fins as seen before.

1968 September 28 Le Mans 24H start. As can be seen, the pole position green-nosed 908 of Jo Siffert/Hans Hermann is not as quick in the start as the Porsches #33 (Jochen Neerpasch/Rolf Stommelen) and #32 (Gerhard Mitter/Vic Elford) © Porsche
Nose lift during the hard acceleration. By the end of the 24H race the #33 908/01 LH Coupé of Jochen Neerpasch/Rolf Stommelen would finish third.© Porsche

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Article © James Herne / Stuttcars.com

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