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Porsche 906 K Coupé

Premiere: 1966 January

© Porsche
906 Carrera 6 906 E Carrera 6 906/8 Coupé (only chassis 906-142)
Engine 2.0 flat-6 with Weber carburetors 2.0 flat-6 with fuel injection 2.2 flat-8
Engine type Porsche type 901/20 Porsche type 901/21 Porsche type 771
Power 154 kW @8000 rpm (max 8500 rpm) 162 kW 198 kW
Torque 20 mkg/145 lb-ft/196 Nm @6000 rpm
Gearbox Type 906 5-speed manual with LSD Type 906 5-speed manual with LSD Type 906 5-speed manual with LSD

When the Porsche 901 was forced to be renamed to 911, it was not the same case with the other Porsche model names with zero in the middle. The 904 coupé got its commercial name Carrera GTS before the 901 was renamed to 911 and the type 906 coupé was called as the Carrera 6 from the beginning.

The 906 was designed by Erwin Komenda. He had set the design language for Porsche cars decades earlier with the 60 K10 and 356.

Design genius Erwin Komenda and automotive genius Ferry Porsche (photo from 1951)© Porsche

While the 904 had one fuel tank in front, the 906 was equipped with two tanks on the sides. This way the level of the fuel didn't affect the handling as much as on the 904 with full tank versus empty tank.

The mid-engined 906 was constructed with tubular spaceframe. The two fuel tanks had a total capacity of around 100 litres.© Porsche

To save weight some of the tubes in the frame were used as oil channels between the engine and the oil cooler. This technique was already used on the Porsche 804 F1 car. While the 906 Ollon-Villars had the suspension parts from Lotus F1 car, the homologation 906 used the 904 suspension components and 5-bolt 15" Porsche wheels (7" front, 9" rear).

Thanks to lightweight materials (magnesium, titanium), the 901/20 engine of the 904/6 and 906/6 was 54 kg/119 lb lighter than the 901/01 engine in the 911 (both are 2-litre boxer-6 engines).

Twin-spark 901/20 racing engine © Porsche

Earlier FIA had stated that at least 100 cars had to be produced in order to qualify for the sports car class (the case with the 904), but the rules were changed and now only 50 cars had to be made. The sports class cars had to have 2 seats by the rules, so a smaller "passenger seat" had to be fitted. The first 906 Carrera 6 coupés were chassis 906-016 and 906-017. These were prototypes. The third Carrera 6 built, and the first sold to a customer, had chassis number 906-101.

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