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Porsche Cayman S Sport (2009)

The Sport was a Cayman S packaged with many sport options to create an edgy/sporty Cayman S.

Porsche Cayman S Sport (987) Profile - Large
Porsche Cayman S Sport (987)
Model Years
700 units
3.4 L Nat Aspirated Flat-6
303 bhp @ 6250 rpm
251 ft lbs @ 4400 rpm
0 - 60 mph
5.1 seconds
Top Speed
171 mph

(2009) Porsche Cayman S Sport – Ultimate Guide

In late 2008, Porsche introduced the limited edition Cayman S Sport. The Sport was a Cayman S packaged with many sport options to create an edgy/sporty Cayman S. Beyond sport options, the Cayman S Sport received new DME software maps created to work with the Porsche Sport Exhaust and a unique Twin Chamber Dual Output Tailpipe that supply the Cayman S Sport with 303 horsepower at 6,250 RPM, making it the first Cayman to break the 300 horsepower ceiling.

These cars were strikingly different in appearance, available in special colors like the GT3 Orange and Green. The exterior also included other GT3 details like gloss black contrasting elements (side mirrors, vents, model insignia and 19″ wheels). Add a special black side stripe that proudly displays the Cayman S script, reminiscent of the stripe worn by the 1973 Carrera RS, and it all comes together to give the Cayman S Sport an aggressive and sinister look.

The Cayman S Sport was available in a limited number of colors, including the previously mentioned GT-3 Green & Orange which were not available on any other Caymans. The standard Black, Carrara White, Guards Red and Speed Yellow were available at no charge, or for $690 you could have one in Arctic Silver Metallic.

The interior of the Cayman S Sport received many enhancements, including Alcantara trimmed steering wheel, gear shifter and hand brake. The hood over the instrument cluster was removed, many interior trim pieces were painted gloss black and the door sills were protected by stainless steel sill plates that wore the Cayman S Sport logo.

The Cayman S Sport had a base price of $69,900, which was $10,800 more than a Cayman S. But the Cayman S Sport included many very expensive options that made the car an excellent value, including the following:

Option Value (2008)
Porsche Adaptive Suspension Management (PASM – 20mm) $1,990
Sport Chrono Package $960
Porsche Sport Exhaust w/Dual Sport Tailpipes $2,100
Twin Chamber Exhaust Tailpipe $570*
8″x19″ F, 9.5″x19″ R Wheels $1,550
Wheels Painted in Deviated Color (Gloss Black) $2,160
Side Mirrors and Side Vents in Gloss Black N/A
Model Designation on Rear Lid Painted Gloss Black $165
5mm Wheel Spacers $490
BiXenon Headlamps with Washers $1,090
Black Side Strip with Model Designation N/A
Stainless Steel Door Entry Guards with Cayman S Sport logo $725
Sport Seats $440
3 Spoke Sport Steering Wheel in Alcantara $1,015
Gear Shift and Hand Brake in Alcantara $1,880
Instrument Cluster in GT Silver Metallic $690**
Aluminum Look Dashboard Trim $1,230
Interior Trim Pieces in Gloss Black N/A
Sport Look Foot Rest N/A
Floor Mats with matching trim and Porsche Logo $405
Limited Edition Serial Number plate on Glove Box N/A
Package Value: $17,460

This car might not be right for every Cayman fan, but many sport minded fans found it to be very appealing. Because only 700 of these were made for the entire worldwide market, and because this model was the last and best of the 987.1 cars to ever be produced, they are likely to hold their value very well.

Despite the fact that the Sport Exhaust and DME tune were able to find 8 more horsepower, the published specifications of the Cayman S Sport were no different than the 2006-2008 Cayman S.


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