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Porsche agrees to Build Engines for Singer

Singer Vehicle Design Porsche

Singer Vehicle Design has entered into a historic agreement with Porsche Motorsport North America. It is a partnership that will see Porsche assemble engines for the California-based automobile company. The move represents a big win for Singer and will only elevate its status as a top-notch specialty vehicle manufacturer. Singer Vehicle Design was established in 2009 by Rob Dickinson, a former English rock band member and Porsche enthusiast.

Singer Vehicle Design Porsche

The company’s core vision revolves around taking a 964 model Porsche 911 (from 1990-1994 model years) and performing extensive restorative work. The finished product often boasted several modifications to update the cars’ performance, aesthetics, and modern-day use-ability, optimizing its strengths while preserving the original’s essence and magic.

Flat-Six Engine in a Singer Vehicle Design Porsche

Singer has always used Porsche flat-six motors for the restored cars. However, under the new arrangement, Porsche Motorsport North America will now assemble engines for Singer, to Singer’s own specifications. Basically, this means that Porsche will build powerplants to the specifications of an aftermarket vehicle restoration company. A statement from Singer further confirms this.

‘The characteristics of the engines – very much at the core of every Singer car – will continue to be defined by Singer’s specification.’

Singer Vehicle Design Porsche

It is a big deal within the automobile industry, and it implies that Porsche is confident in Singer Vehicle Design and approves of the company as a whole. The contract does not include Singer’s Dynamics and Lightweighting Study (DLS) vehicles. Those are currently manufactured in the United Kingdom. However, existing versions of the naturally aspirated flat-six engine and forthcoming versions like Singer’s long-rumoured turbocharged engine are not off the table.

A section of Porsche Motorsport North America

The engines will be assembled at Porsche Motorsport’s North America headquarters, located within the Porsche Experience Centre in Los Angeles. It marks a new era for Single Vehicle Design and could lead to even further collaborations in future.

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