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Porsche 963 Overview

A new hybrid era for Porsche

Daytona 24 night action during the race. Photo: Copyright Porsche AG


The Porsche 963 follows on from a long line of successful cars and racing successes.

Porsche 963 , #7 at Daytona during the ROAR test session entering Daytona Turn 6. Photo: Copyright Martin Raffauf

Ferdinand Porsche started the company bearing his name in 1949. Almost immediately they started racing, to test the products. They were very successful during the 1950’s winning many events in the lower classes.  A breakthrough of sorts occurred in 1960, winning Sebring outright with a Porsche 718 RS60.  A Daytona-24 victory followed in 1968 with the 907. The first Le Mans victory a few years later in 1970 with the 917. Further successes followed with the 935, 956, 962, GT1 and 919 among others.

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