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Porsche 918s of #carweek2015-1

Porsche 918 Pictures

With the Rennsport Reunion taking place in Monterey this upcoming weekend, we thought it was prudent to show off the 918s we spotted there just a month ago.

With the production run completely ended, the Porsche 918 was as abundant as it will ever be for the 2015 Monterey Car Week.

We ran into several exciting new cars including Michael Fux who had his outfitted entrely in Acid Green which is usually resvered for just the accent colour.

On Thursday evening our spotting group found six 918s grouped together in the Carmel parkade. All manners of spotting celebrities came out for the occasion incluing Jason Thorgalsen and Luke Framton.

The result of our 918 spotting in Monterey can be found here.