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Porsche 911 GT1 ’98 (1998) – Specifications & Performance

Porsche 911 GT1 ’98 (1998) – Specifications & Performance

1998 Porsche 911 GT1 ’98 Technical Specifications

GT1/98 race car specifications – chassis #003

6-cylinder boxer, water-cooled, aluminium engine block and cylinder heads, 2 intake and 2 discharge valves per cylinder, 2 exhaust gas turbo chargers with air restrictors, 2 charce air intercoolers, dry sump lubrication, electronic engine management (TAG 3.8), fuel injection with Lambda control, cylinder selective knock control
6-cylinder boxer, aluminium cylinder block & heads
Capacity 3.2-litre (3198cc)
Bore x stroke 95.5 x 74.4mm
Power output 550 bhp @ 7200rpm
Torque 463 ft lbs @ 5000rpm
Compression ratio 9.0:1
Cooling water-cooled
Valves 2x intake and 2x exhaust per cylinder
2x exhaust KKK K27.2 turbochargers with 33.9mm restrictors
Intercoolers 2x charge air intercoolers
Lubrication dry sump
Engine management electronic TAG 3.8
Fuel injection multipoint sequential
Fuel system:
100-litre FT3 safety tank with integrated catchtank, rapid tank valve and reserve switch
Carbon fibre monocoque, adjustable plastic rear wing, air inlet to turbo chargers on the roof, rollcage as supporting chassis member, air jack, double wishbones with pushrod front and rear, Bilstein shock absorbers front and rear, brakes, balance adjustable by driver, carbon brake discs front and rear
6-speed gearbox, sequential gear change, rear wheel drive, triple disc clutch, additional lubrication with oil pump and oil-to-water heat exchanger, self-locking differential
Type 6-speed, dog-clutch engagement
Gear change sequential
Drive rear-wheel drive
Clutch triple disc carbon fibre clutch
additional lubrication with oil pump, oil-to-water heat exchanger
Differential self-locking diff
Front double wishbones with pushrod
Rear double wishbones with pushrod
Shock absorbers
additional Bilstein shock absorbers front & rear
Steering power assisted
Anti-roll bar front and rear
Wheels & tyres
Wheel rims 1-part BBS racing rims with central mounting
Rims – front
works – 11.5 x 19 ET49 (customers – 11.5 x 18 ET49)
Rims – rear
works – 13 x 19 ET66 (customers – 13 x 18 ET66)
Tyres – front
works – 27/67-19 Michelin (customers – Michelin 27/65-18)
Tyres – rear
works – 31/70-19 Michelin (customers – Michelin 30/70-18)
System brake balance adjustable by driver
carbon discs front: 380 x 37mm & rear: 380 x 37mm
Callipers – front 6 pistons (fixed) (Le Mans: 8 pistons (fixed))
Callipers – rear 6 pistons (fixed)
Chassis carbon fibre monocoque
Rear wing adjustable
Roll cage as supporting chassis member
Side windows plastic
Air jacks
Fuel tank 100-litre FT3 safety tank
Wheelbase 2690mm
Length 4890mm
Width 1990mm
Height 1140mm
Overall length 4925mm
Weight ca. 950kg



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