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Porsche 904 Living Legend Concept (2013)

A reimagined Porsche 904 Carrera GTS concept

Porsche 904 V2 Concept (2013)

This concept car was kept in secrecy until 2020. Under the cover there is a Volkswagen XL carbon fibre monocoque chassis and the car could have been powered by a high-revving motorbike engine. The 1:1 hard model of the possible future 904 looks similar to the Porsche 918 supercar from the front and to the F. A. Porsche designed 904 Carrera GTS supercar from the side. It looks just perfect!

Expertise gained while racing and developing the 550 and RSK Porsches laid the foundation for the 904. It was the familiar mid-engine layout which gave these early Porsches a distinct advantage. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, Ferry Porsche’s son was responsible for the styling of the 904. After completing the Formula 1 and RS61 projects, Ferdinand had the confidence to use a new styling language with the 904. His work produced a body which had a drag coefficient of .33 Cd. The 904 started a trend which would motivate Porsche to manufacture sports prototype cars.

The Porsche 904 Living Legend takes that history and creates a modern sports car concept. Designed and built by Porsche in 2013 and liked we mentioned earlier, based on the same platform used by the Volkswagen XL1 and the Volkswagen XL Sport Concept. Weighing at just over 900 kg (1,984 lbs), the concept retains the general contours found in the XL1, and Porsche even said that the likely powertrain for the 904 Living Legend would be the Ducati V2 engine carried over from the XL Sport Concept. Some of the design elements such as the back fascia were carried over for the second-generation Porsche 935.