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Porsche 904-6 Racing At Spa Francorchamps

The Porsche 904 is an automobile which was produced by Porsche in Germany in 1963 and 1965. It was officially called Porsche Carrera GTS due to the same naming rights problem that required renaming the Porsche 901 to Porsche 911. After having withdrawn from Formula One at the end of the 1962 season, Porsche focused again on sports-car racing.

The 904 debuted late in 1963, for the 1964 racing season, as a successor to the 718, which had been introduced in 1957. Porsche designed the GTS variant to compete in the FIA-GT class at various international racing events. n 1965, several 904s were equipped with Type 901 six-cylinder engines, known as the 904/6. Porsche built a total of six 904/6 Works team cars.

Experience the exhilarating sound of a Porsche 904/6’s flat-six engine as it roars around the legendary Spa Francorchamps racetrack in Belgium!

Source: Robbert Alblas, YouTube