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Porsche 718 Cayman T (2020 – Present)

Not the fastest, most luxurious or even the cheapest of all the 718 variants. But, it is the most fun.

Porsche 718 Cayman T Profile - Large
Porsche 718 Cayman T (982)
2020 - Present
Still in Production
2.0 L Turbocharged Flat-4
296 bhp @ 6500 rpm
280 ft lbs @ 1950 rpm
0 - 60 mph
4.5 seconds
Top Speed
171 mph

(2020 – Present) Porsche 718 Cayman T – Ultimate Guide

With the introduction of the 2020 718 Cayman T and Boxster T, it is clear that Porsche has taken a page out of the 911 playbook – and to great effect. The 911 T, which was released early in 2018, is a no-frills, purists version of the 911. In short, it is a spartan, stripped down version of the base-model Carrera, sparingly equipped with only the equipment necessary to create a completely driver-focused 911.

The warm reception of the aforementioned car has convinced Porsche that they should apply  this philosophy to their 718 lineup as well, also proving that Porsche appreciates and listens to its customers. This is not just good for public relations, but it is also good for business – a touring version of the affordable 718, truly means that this is a Porsche sports car for the masses.

The Cayman T is equipped with the base-model 718’s mid-mounted 2.0L flat-four turbocharged engine, which produces 296 bhp @ 6500 rpm and 280 ft lbs of torque. The 718 T comes standard with a 6-speed manual gearbox, and buyers will also have the option of outfitting the car with a PDK transmission. 0-60 mph in the manual takes 4.9 seconds while the PDK does it in just 4.5 seconds. Top speed is 171 mph.

As a result if its inherent philosophy, an un-optioned 718 T will weigh in at 1,350 kg, making it the lightest version in the lineup. The chassis is also 20mm lower to the ground than the base-model it has stripped down, and sits on lightweight 20” high-gloss titanium grey wheels. In continuing to stay true to its word, the 718 T is equipped strictly with features that enhance the driving experience through a purist’s field of view. The 6-speed manual version of either car will come standard with Porsche Torque Vectoring and a mechanical locking rear axle differential.  For the first time, Porsche Active Suspension Management is available (and in this case, also standard) on a 718, with the latest Cayman and Boxster now able to benefit from this state-of-the-art the electronic damping system.

Inside the cockpit is a seamless continuation of the no-frills principles of the “T”, with door pull straps replacing the door handles, a leather-wrapped 360-millimeter GT sports steering wheel and two-way adjustable sport seats. My only surprise here is that the seats aren’t cloth, as leather doesn’t seem to buy into the ideals of spartan-ism so much – oh well.

Furthermore, the Porsche Communication Management module isn’t standard and a storage bin takes its spot instead. Adding it back is actually a no charge option, should you feel the need to restore a sense of relative convenience in the car. Other features that come standard are agate grey mirror shells, a shorter-throw gearbox, and Sport Chrono package (with the dashboard-mounted stopwatch included).

The 718 T will be visually differentiated from its stable-mates with retro-style graphics on each side of the car. To truly stand out, in addition to the standard palette, buyers can also opt for special-edition Lava Orange and Miami Blue paint jobs which are exclusive to the 718 T.


Press Release

The new 718 T models in the Boxster and Cayman line-up combine a 300 PS (220 kW) turbocharged four-cylinder flat ‘boxer’ power unit with a tailored specification that further emphasises the renowned handling of the mid-engine, two-seater sports cars.

The high-performance character of the T models is highlighted at first glance by 20-inch diameter alloy wheels, the PASM sports chassis lowered by 20 millimetres, the shortened gear shift with red pattern, and the Sport Chrono package. These features are offered in the T only in combination with the 300 PS 2.0-litre engine – in fact, the sports chassis was formerly only available with the 350 PS 2.5-litre S models.

Both Boxster and Cayman 718 T feature a six-speed manual gearbox and Porsche Torque Vectoring (PTV) including a mechanical rear axle differential lock. A dual-clutch transmission (PDK) is available as an option.

Traditionally, “T” stands for “Touring” in the Porsche model lexicon, and is synonymous with driving dynamic performance. The 718 T will be immediately at home along winding country roads, raising further still the typical Porsche attention to dynamic agility. This focus shows in other ways, including black door pulls in the door panels and sports seats with electric two-way adjustment, black Sport-Tex centre sections and the “718” logo embroidered on the headrests.

The Porsche Communication Management (PCM) module has also been replaced by a large storage compartment, though buyers who do not wish to forego the entertainment system may order it at no extra charge. Put together, these measures balance out the additional weight created by the installation of the gasoline particulate filter (GPF).

Furthermore, the character of the 718 T is highlighted throughout the interior via a number of emphatically sporting touches: the 360-millimetre diameter GT sports steering wheel with Mode switch offers a particularly secure grip. Discreet “Boxster T” or “Cayman T” logos adorn the black instrument dials. “Boxster T” or “Cayman T” logos also appear on the door entry strips, and the decorative trims of the instrument panel and central console feature a glossy black finish.

The exterior of the Porsche 718 T is characterised by its purposeful appearance. The 20-inch alloy wheels painted in high-gloss titanium grey, combined with the PASM sports chassis with 20-millimetre lowered body lend a distinctive stance to the models.

Agate grey mirror shells and “718 Boxster T” or “718 Cayman T” logos on the sides express the model variant, which can also be identified from the rear by the central sports exhaust with black chrome-plated, twin tailpipes. Exterior colour selection spans Black, Guards Red, Racing Yellow and White as well as Carrara White, Jet Black and GT Silver metallic colours. Porsche is also offering Lava Orange and Miami Blue as special colours.

The 300 PS (220 kW) turbocharged flat four cylinder engine offers acceleration from 0 – 62mph in 5.1 seconds (4.7 secs with PDK). Where possible, the top speed is 171 mph. The 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo engine develops its maximum torque of 380 Nm at 2,150/min. An unladen weight of 1,350 kg (PDK: 1,380 kg) offers a weight-to-power ratio of 4.5 kg/PS for the manual transmission models.

The Sport Chrono package, included as standard for the 718 T, offers Normal, Sport, Sport Plus and Individual driving modes, which can be selected using the Mode switch on the steering wheel. Sport and Sport Plus activate more dynamic characteristics in both the engine management system and the accelerator, including an evocative, automatic throttle-blip function when down-shifting with the manual transmission. Sport Plus further hones the dynamic response of the 718 T by further optimising the configuration of the Porsche Active Stability Management (PASM), Porsche Active Drivetrain Mounts (PADM) adaptive body positioning and the optional Porsche dual-clutch transmission. In combination with PDK, the Launch Control function and the Sport Response button in the centre of the Mode switch are also available.

One special feature of this model is its dynamic gearbox mount – the PADM system further minimises vibrations from the engine/gearbox and helps to control movements of the total mass of the drivetrain. This results in increased precision and stability during acceleration, braking or dynamic cornering. This is achieved automatically by combining the advantages of fixed and flexible gearbox mountings. Driving comfort is unaffected on uneven roads.