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Onboard The Record-Breaking Custom Built Off-Road Machine From Porsche

In a stunning display of automotive prowess, Romain Dumas has shattered world records by ascending to an unprecedented altitude of 22,093 feet in a custom-built Porsche 992 Carrera 4S dubbed as “Edith”. The remarkable feat, achieved on December 2nd, 2023, marked a historic milestone in automotive history.

The vehicle itself is a marvel of innovation, boasting a turbocharged engine, a seven-speed manual transmission, portal axles, and BF Goodrich Mud Terrain tires. These components, combined with meticulous attention to detail in its design and construction, transformed a conventional sports car into an off-road powerhouse capable of scaling steep hills and navigating treacherous terrain with ease.

Magnus Walker shines the spotlight on this record-breaking off-road machine from Porsche and see what it’s like to drive the car.