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Oilstainlab’s Half11: A Fusion of Porsche and Can-Am Spirit

Nikita and Iliya Bridan are the founders of Oilstainlab, an automotive design company, working with major OEMs like Honda and General Motors. Their passion project, the Half11, is a head-turning concept car that blends the iconic lines of a Porsche with the raw aggression of 1960s open-wheel racers.

Conceived by twin brothers Nikita and Ilia Bridan, the Half11 started as a tribute to iconic Can-Am race cars like the Porsche 917. They envisioned a car that captured the raw power and intimidating presence of those legendary machines. The name itself, Half11, is a playful nod to the car’s unorthodox design that blends elements of a Porsche 911 with an open-wheel racer.

Built on a Porsche 911 tub, the Half11 boasts a custom aluminum body, hand-crafted for both performance and aesthetics. A monstrous LS V8 engine lurks beneath the exposed rear end, churning out 650 horsepower.

Source: Goodwood Road & Racing, YouTube