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No Reserve: Ex–Jerry Seinfeld 2004 Porsche Carrera GT Up for Auction

In case you needed any more reminding that the Porsche Carrera GT is one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ cars, check out the auction price for this Jerry Seinfeld owned example. We’re shocked at the sale price as much as we’re shocked to find out that Jerry got rid of this pristine example back in 2011 after driving a mere 3000-miles! Maybe he’ll be interested in picking it back up when the auction ends

One of just 1270 examples built during the Carrera GT’s four-year production run this pristine example is finished in black over dark grey leather upholstery, with power coming from the famous race-derived 5.7-litre V10 mated to a six-speed manual transaxle with a limited-slip differential.

Porsche Carrera GT features includes

  • Odometer: 3,700 Miles
  • Engine: 5.7-Liter DOHC V10
  • Transmission: Six-Speed Manual Transaxle
  • Limited-Slip Differential
  • Black Paint
  • Dark Gray Leather Upholstery
  • Carbon-Fiber Monocoque Shell
  • Ceramic Composite Brakes & Clutch
  • Pushrod-Activated Inboard Coilovers
  • 2020 Engine-Out Service
  • Factory Books
  • Service Records
  • Clean Carfax Report

First delivered to Manhattan Motor Cars, Jerry Seinfeld acquired the vehicle in 2005 and held onto it until 2011. In his ownership period, Seinfeld only managed to add around 3000-miles to the vehicle before it was moved to Oregon and acquired by the current owner in 2015. Most importantly the uber-expensive ($25,000+ USD) ‘engine-out service’ already took place in September 2020, and the service included the installation of a replacement rear main seal and clutch release module as well as a brake fluid flush.

Famous for its raw driving experience deft of any safety aids, the Type 980 is sadly known for a number of notable accidents that have taken place over the years – maybe it was too much of a handful for Seinfeld? Lewis Hamilton’s father famously wrecked a borrowed GT as he showed off to bystanders and the car collector king himself, Jay Leno, spun out on a road course, but no accident was as tragically famous as when Roger Rodas and Fast and Furious star Paul Walker lost control at over 100mph in 2013. In that instance, even a racecar driving friend wasn’t enough to handle such a spirited machine wearing 10-year-old tires.

The extreme nature of such a vehicle only adds to its allure, and prices have hit an all-time high in the last two years. Collectable examples – like the one we have here – have seen prices increase over $500,000 since 2015. This particular example currently sits at $1,860,000 USD, and 5-days left on the auction a sale price beyond $2 million is realistic. Images below include a photo of Seinfeld’s New York title for the car, to prove that he once owned it, and a copy will be provided to the buyer with the sale.

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