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The New Porsche 911 GTS Review by Autocar

Porsche is back at it again with a new 911 GTS! With more power, keener suspension and changes to the aerodynamics, the GTS becomes the sharpest 911 you can currently buy; not quite a GT3, but sharper and edgier than a regular 911 Carrera.

The GTS can be had as a Targa, Cabriolet or Coupe, with two or four-wheel drive and with a manual or dual-clutch auto gearbox. We head to Wales to test the four-wheel drive coupe with a PDK automatic gearbox. At around £100,000 and with 444bhp, not only does the GTS go up against the likes of the Jaguar F-Type and BMW M6 but, as we discover, is so good that it could also challenge the Audi R8 and McLaren 570 S.

Let’s find out what our friends from Autocar have to say about the new Porsche 911 GTS!