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Nardone Automotive 928 revisited

Italian flare meets German functionality

While covered here on Stuttcars several times before, it never gets old hearing a car’s owner and visionary discuss a project like the Nardone Automotive 928. Founder Thierry Nardone, 39, is a great car enthusiast and has always cultivated a deep passion for the so-called “transaxle” Porsche, which he is serenely obsessed with. Join us as we merge previously released information with comments from Nardone himself from a recent interview on 9Werks TV.

Thierry Nardone (left) discusses his restomod 928 build with Lee Sibley of 9Werks TV
The more you look, the more you understand how numerous the subtle changes are to the exterior shape.


Thierry Nardone sought something unique to put in his driveway. A restomod enthusiast, he considered a custom-built Porsche 911, but eventually changed his direction due to a somewhat flooded “re-imagined” market. Then he thought, why not build something using the car he already owned, a Porsche 928? Impressed by the Lancia Delta Futurista, Nardone contacted its designers at Borromeo de Silva, a design house in Milan, Italy. What you see here is the result of that collaboration.

Thierry Nardone explains the rear-quarter window modifications made to blend with the wider rear fenders.
Custom face plates and new controls create more simplistic and modern dash look.


All of the body panels have been reshaped and replaced with custom carbon-fiber pieces, thereby offering enhanced styling with a weight reduction. The front and rear lights are all custom designed and built at a great cost, as are the forged 18-inch wheels now wearing Michelin Pilot Sport 5 tires. Keeping a comfortable ride a priority, Nardone didn’t not use ultra-low profile tires. A custom shade of gold paint was used which yields a gesture of respect towards the era in which this car was originally born.

Non Porsche enthusiasts often mistake the Nardone 928 for a new car.
The original 928’s pop-up headlights were reimagined using more modern and mechanical-styled units.


As explained by Nardone, he wanted to remove most of the plastic on the dash, including buttons and gauges. Hence, the interior has been streamlined with Foglizzo leather and Alcantara replacing the original surfaces. The infotainment now incorporates the Porsche Classic Management system (PCCM) combined with a luxury Hi-Fi system and Apple CarPlay. As shown in the photos, this was no light “makeover” but instead, a substantive redesign that allows the driver to focus on the road and hence a purer driving experience.


The Nardone 928 uses an upgraded Porsche V8 engine producing 400+ bhp. The original 5-speed manual transaxle that Porsche placed at the car’s rear (for weight distribution), keeps its external case but has been internally modified to offer an additional 6th gear. Longer axles are substituted to allow for a wider rear track.


Using the most current information, the first production run will occur this year, producing 8 units, each priced around €.5M.


  • Fully upgraded with target 400 bhp engine with modern ECU
  • Gearbox converted from 5 to 6 speeds with limited-slip differential
  • Redesigned front and rear axle and spindle
  • Active controlled electronic suspension
  • Electric power steering with variable action according to speed
  • New 18-inch forged wheels
  • Upgraded braking system
  • Carbon fiber bodywork
  • Completely redesigned interior
  • Luxury Audio Hi-Fi system with Porsche Classic Management System (PCCM) and Apple CarPlay

Accepting orders

Nardone Automotive, a French company based in Aix-En-Provence, is currently taking orders for the Nardone 928.

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