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Naples Commission by Singer Vehicle Design

Singer Vehicle Design – Naples Commission

Today, we take a closer look at the Singer Vehicle Designs Naples Commission. This is a Dynamics & Lightweighting Study which means it is restored by the team based at Singer’s UK center of operations.

This is a left hand drive car with full visual carbon fiber bodywork. This is combined with Lime Green contrast color, seen here on the lightweight, magnesium wheels, side and rear decklid lettering. The full visible carbon fiber with contrast stripes and lettering in Lime Green looks awesome. Gold badging for the rear decklid completes the exterior look.

The front of the Naples commission shows some clear signs of the Dynamics & Lightweighting Study work that went on in terms of aerodynamics. Look closely and you will see the central intake above the front splitter. This channels air towards oil coolers mounted on either side of the car. Oil from the rear-mounted, naturally aspirated flat six is sent to the front of the car, passing through these coolers before completing its loop by returning to the engine. The heated air is then expelled on either side of the car, through vents just ahead of the front wheels. This route avoids venting hot, turbulent air underneath the car, enabling the rear diffuser to operate as effectively as possible.

You can also see the dropped channel in the center of the roof. This channel feeds air towards the rear of the car. Where the trailing edge of the roof meets the rear windscreen, you can see a bridge spoiler that links the transition. This bridge is shown in detail in the second image. Air passes along the roof channel and under the bridge. In combination with the dropped roof channel and careful shaping of the rear window, the bridge helps to keep airflow attached down the rear surfaces of the car. This combination feeds high pressure airflow towards the rear ducktail spoiler, shown in image 3. The angle of attack and height of the ducktail have been carefully adjusted through CFD analysis. You can also see a small Gurney flap on the upper edge of the spoiler. Don’t forget the rear diffuser too . Again, the angle of the main plane and the position of the channels have been guided by aero study. These elements combine to optimize downforce at the rear of the car.

Hard to miss in these images are the center lock wheels developed through the study. Specified in Lime Green by the owner of this car, the wheels are manufactured in magnesium to reduce unsprung mass and therefore enhance dynamic response. Mounted on the wheels are @michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, through which power from the unique 4.0L, 4-valves per cylinder engine is ultimately transmitted to the road.

Powering the Naples Commission is this amazing 4.0L, 4-valves per cylinder, naturally aspirated, air-cooled flat-six.
To see (and hear) this engine in action with @harrismonkey , you can click the link in our bio. Developed in collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering, as part of the Dynamics & Lightweighting Study, the engine breathes through ram-air intakes, located in the rear side window position. Titanium valves are used, together with upper and lower injectors, to enhance performance. Cooling is optimized in part by a larger, magnesium fan, together with a bespoke oil cooling system. The results of the study also enabled Singer to move the engine slightly forwards in the car’s chassis, to the benefit of weight distribution. The flat-six powers the rear wheels, via a lightweight, magnesium case, 6-speed transmission and ultimately power is transmitted to the road through Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, mounted on lightweight, magnesium center-lock wheels.

The interior of this Porsche 911 reimagined by Singer is trimmed in Lime Green with bespoke suede/leather weave seat centers. In this car, the owner has specified lightweight carbon fiber seats, presented in Lime Green with bespoke suede/leatherweave seat centers, featuring a contrast stripe. Lime Green continues across the dash strip, where the central tachometer is specified with an 18ct gold finish. In the rear compartment, the lower surfaces are presented in visible carbon fiber, with upper surfaces and the rear cross-brace trimmed in in Lime Green leather.

Photo Credit: Singer Vehicle Designs