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Luxemburg Commission by Singer Vehicle Design

Singer Vehicle Design – Luxemburg Commission

Today, we take a closer look at the Singer Vehicle Designs Luxemburg Commission. The car is based on a donor 1990 Porsche 911 Targa, with a 390bhp four-litre flat-six engine providing power.

“The Minnesota coupe and the Luxemburg Targa are clear examples of the wide range of services we can provide our customers to enjoy,” said Rob Dickinson, founder and creator of Singer Vehicle Design. “What seemingly began as simple color customization and engine desires has emerged into a truly bespoke means of extending a customer’s yearning for ‘special wishes.’ We’re deeply committed to incorporating nearly anything our clients can visualize and we deem feasible.”

The Targa car is based on a 1990 964 and features one of the most unique upholstery options inside, the so-called Tyler Tartan. This includes a seven-color leather weave pattern, with two oranges, four shades of blue and one cream to compliment the Deep Orange exterior and the Navy Blue leather found in the cabin. The carbon-fiber removable roof has also a Navy canvas covering, with the car also coming with a factory folding black top.

For the ‘Luxemburg’ Targa, named for the small township in the owner’s home state of Minnesota, one of the more unique inclusions in the overall bespoke package is the ‘Tyler Tartan’ interior which has a seven-color leather weave pattern, including two oranges, four shades of blue and one cream – all to complement the Deep Orange exterior and the Navy Blue leather found throughout several perforated areas on the inside as well as on the seat bolster. Additionally, the optional carbon fiber removable roof has a Navy canvas covering (with an additional factory folding black top provided as well). With big Brembo® brakes, an Ed Pink-developed 4.0-liter engine and a six-speed gearbox, Luxemburg touts an overall sport appeal and has had a complete re-imagination from its original 1990 Targa days.

In celebration of the classic Targa configuration, first launched in 1965 with the iconic polished metal ‘Targa hoop,’ the restored version is beautifully rendered in Singer’s own nickel-plate, which is a special recipe created by Dickinson and adds a warm golden hue to the nickel coloring. Dickinson notes that any Porsche 911 Targa now being modified by Singer also shares in a bit of whimsical “insider” neurosis as a special Singer touch — rendering the Targa hoop with only two air filtering louvers rather than three louvres — a little touch that’s slightly different from the 1965 Targa, and as Dickinson points out, “one thing not noticed by many, but noticed by few.”

Photo Credit: Singer Vehicle Designs