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Long Island Commission by Singer Vehicle Design

Singer Vehicle Design – Long Island Commission

Today, we take a closer look at the Singer Vehicle Designs Long Island Commission. Like other Classic Study cars, the Long Island is built in Singer’s California location. This car was shared with the public in December 2021.

The Long Island commission is a 4.0L, LHD coupe and its carbon-fiber bodywork is covered in a beautiful Hemingway Blue with light ghosted side stripes and lettering in Bahama Yellow. The interior is presented in Navy, with bespoke leather weave centers for the lightweight carbon fiber track seats. Satin nickel grommets are specified for the seat centres, while the seat backs are finished in piano black. Sills, transmission tunnel and the rear compartment are also painted in Hemingway Blue. The tachometer is Bahama Yellow with Navy markings.

Powering the Long Island commission is this 4.0L, naturally aspirated, air-cooled flat-six, presented with a ceramic plenum finish. The owner has specified a 6-speed, manual gearbox and rear-wheel-drive. Lightweight plexiglass rear quarter windows are specified, together with the lightweight titanium exhaust system. Carbon-ceramic brakes sit behind wheels wearing Michelin Pilot Sport tires. The wheels themselves are specified with Navy centers, to match the car’s interior, together with open lug nuts. Brake calipers in turn are presented in Bahama Yellow with Navy lettering.

Photo Credit: Singer Vehicle Designs