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KAMM Manufaktur reveals a 912c Classic Restomod

Founded by Miklós Kázmér in Budapest, Hungary, KAMM focuses solely on the 912 sports cars produced between 1965-1969. Renowned for being the lightest of all the road-going 911/912s, but with a better balance than a typical 911, the 912 may not be an obvious choice for a resto-mod, but its slim, simple lines, outstanding handling, and the iconic 4-cylinder engine makes the 912 the perfect choice for a KAMM creation.


The KAMM 912c is an exquisitely engineered, beautifully built, modern take on the 60s sports car icon. In an age where electronics take over many of the driver inputs, the KAMM 912c offers something different in the world of restomods in that it maintains the charm of a 1960s racer, with sensitive updates, instead of trying to completely modernize the 912 driving experience. KAMM improves on perfection, without compromise, building on existing greatness to create the KAMM 912c. Taking an original 912, KAMM engineers restore every donor car to perfection, providing the perfect basis for a bespoke creation. Steel is replaced with carbon, seamlessly blended without a trace, ensuring flawless fit and finish.

KAMM engineers enhance the chassis, brakes suspension, wheels and tires and replace all original elements with brand-new, factory parts including lights, fixings, and rubbers. Swiss air-cooled experts JPS Aircooled assist with the creation of a bespoke, high-performance, 170hp, 4-cylinder engine providing the ultimate in reliability combined with exemplary performance, helped by a curb weight of less than 750kg. Bespoke paint finishes and interior redesign complete the transformation before a thorough evaluation by KAMM Founder Miklós Kázmér to ensure every 912c is worthy of the KAMM name ahead of client delivery.

Whilst the KAMM 912c is perfectly at home on the race track, the car has also been designed to be used regularly as a road car. KAMM developed the 912c to appeal to drivers seeking an updated classic racer experience with a truly analog feel. Rear seats can remain, audio options are suggested, luggage areas are carefully trimmed, and air conditioning has been added for cabin comfort on the road and track. The attention to detail shines through, as seen in elements such as the bespoke door mirrors, which not only look beautiful but also perform perfectly at speed.

KAMM 912c technical specifications


  • Carbon fibre
  • Fully restored and reinforced
  • Lexan windows
  • Total weight: 750kg


  • 912 2.0 liter, JPS Aircooled 616 engine
  • 170HP
  • Fast road tune
  • High-compression 10.5
  • Rev limit 7200RPM
  • KAMM carbon Carrera cooling
  • Weber 44IDF carburettor
  • 123ignition
  • KAMM bespoke stainless steel


  • 901/2 5-speed (dogleg)
  • ZF LSD Differential
  • Porsche aluminum, hydraulic, racing clutch


  • Front – Porsche 964
  • Rear – Brembo aluminium
  • Ventilated front and rear discs
  • Hydraulic handbrake


  • Front Custom coilovers by KAMM
  • Rear adjustable arms
  • Adjustable front and rear sway bars
  • Adjustable front and rear dampers


  • KAMM carbon fiber seats
  • Electric Air-Conditioning
  • Lightweight carpeting
  • Carbon fiber interior trim
  • Tilton pedal box


  • Centre-lock 3-piece wheels
  • Yokohama AD08RS tires

KAMM Founder Miklós Kázmér said, “The KAMM 912c has been years in the making, and I am proud to share my vision of the perfect 912 with the world. Budapest has a surprisingly well-developed car culture born out of a desire for individuality. During the socialistic era, drivers had to be creative, home-tuning whatever cars they could get hold of into race machines. This love of car culture, and a burning desire to make whatever was available as fast and as beautiful as possible, spawned a talented and dedicated Budapest car scene. In the 90s things changed as borders opened and Hungarians gained access to western cars and Hungarian car enthusiasts evolved. KAMM is a proud son of Budapest car culture, striving to turn original classic cars into fast, reliable, and perfected versions of themselves, all whilst keeping the analog driving experience intact.”

The KAMM 912c will enter full production in 2023 priced at €325,000. Clients may buy a complete car from KAMM or supply their own 912 for conversion while bespoke specifications can be quoted on request, but keep in mind the available build slots for this first production run are very limited, so if you are interested in adding this 912c Classic Restomod to your garage, you might want to act quick.