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Indy Commission by Singer Vehicle Design

Singer Vehicle Design – Indy Commission

Today, we take a closer look at the Singer Vehicle Designs Indy Commission, a Singer Porsche built for none other than Dario Franchitti. This left hand drive coupe has the most unique exterior paint color I’ve seen on a Singer thus far. Who would have thought a brown hue would work so well. This is a Classic Study car, which means it was restored in Singer’s California center of excellence. This car was shared with the public in June 2022. The Indy commission is a 4.0L, RWD coupe, with carbon fiber bodywork in Dixon Bronze and an interior presented in Shug.

The official exterior color is called Dixon Bronze, with wheels painted in Gold Metallic. Brake calipers are finished in black with gold lettering. The interior of the Indy commission is appointed in bespoke nubuck leather – the color is named Shug by the car’s owner. Lightweight carbon-fiber track seats are specified for this LHD, 4.0L coupe, with perforated seat centers and seat backs matched to the exterior in Dixon Bronze. There is bespoke nubuck featuring on the dash strip, door panels, rear seats and upper rear compartment.

Powering the Indy commission is a 4.0L, naturally-aspirated, air-cooled flat-six. The engine is specified with a ceramic plenum finish and drives the rear wheels through a 6-speed manual gearbox. Internally, the engine bay is completed with diamond quilted leather, matched to the car’s interior. Externally, the carbon fiber rear engine cover features brass badging. The rear bumperettes are matched to the body color in Dixon Bronze and a black ceramic finish is specified for the exhaust.

Photo Credit: Singer Vehicle Designs