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Getting Coffee In A Beautiful 911 Restomod By Sportec

If the current 911 restomods are not to your liking, you might be interested with the SUB1000 from Sportec. It’s a lightweight, fully reimagined 911, built on the iconic G model platform. The name, Sub1000, signifies its sub-1,000 kg weight, and indeed, it weighs just 990 kilograms.

Check out this video from Cars With Luke as he takes a Sportec SUB1000 for a coffee run. The car featured here was designed initially for the track but somehow made street-legal. It features a 3.4-liter engine sitting at the back that boasts 230 horsepower, 350 newton-meters of torque.

The price tag on this beauty is approximately 370,000 Swiss Francs which translates to around $400,000. It’s a substantial investment, but what you get in return is truly exceptional. Sportec promises that no two Sub 1000s will be identical, as they’ll never use the same paint on more than one, ensuring each is entirely unique.