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FOR SALE: Low Mileage 2019 Porsche 911 GT3 RS Weissach

Bring A Trailer is currently offering a low mileage and eye-catching example of Porsche’s 991.2 generation track-focused supercar that also comes equipped with the highly coveted and expensive Weissach Pack.

When automotive enthusiasts are asked to describe the pinnacle of the Porsche 911, the 991.2 GT3 RS overwhelmingly dominates the conversation. In terms of outright performance metrics, it slots in below the new GT2 RS in the pecking order. While it may not be Stuttgart’s king of lap times, the GT3 RS is still the people’s champion. The beloved GT3 RS is certainly no slouch at the ‘Ring either, clocking a 6:56.4 minute lap time – just 9 seconds behind the GT2 RS, and 1 second faster than the million dollar Porsche 918 Spyder.

Like its stablemate, the 991.2 GT3 RS is a rear-engine, rear-wheel drive iteration of the 911; but it is the soul of the GT3 RS – its 4.0L naturally aspirated engine – that is so enthralling and able to cajole even the most cut-and-dried enthusiasts.

The 991.2 GT3 RS is the beneficiary of an upgraded 911 GT3 engine – a 4.0L, naturally aspirated flat-six power plant which revs all the way to 9,000 rpm. With updated electronics and a redesigned exhaust system, the GT3 RS produces 520-horsepower @ 8,250 rpm and 346 lb-ft of torque @ 6,000 rpm.

Porsche claims that the GT3 RS is able to sprint from 0-60 mph in 3.0 seconds, 0-100 mph in 6.7 seconds, and can complete the ¼ mile in 11.0 seconds with a top speed of 193 mph – remarkable for a car that is not assisted by forced induction or electric motors, as is becoming today’s mainstream.

The increase in power is meant to compliment the overall balance of the car, so naturally, there have been improvements made to the chassis as well. The front struts and rear multi-link suspension utilize metal ball joints, while stiffer spring rates mitigate body roll. With the setup being much closer to a GT3 Cup car than other production 911s, Porsche states that this ensures “accurate, sharp and direct road holding. And for total emotional contact”.

Like the turbocharged GT2 RS, the GT3 RS is also based on the extra-wide body of the 911 Turbo S. Minimum drag, maximum downforce, optimum cooling – all in great abundance and meticulous in detail. The GT3 RS utilizes the same NACA ducts on the bonnet as seen on the GT2RS, which are used to help cool the braking system without reducing the drag coefficient by efficiently channeling air throughout the body. Large front fender vents assist in ventilating pressure from the rotating wheels.

For those opting for a more hardcore diet, the Weissach package is available for an additional $18,000 USD. The package – which amongst a host of things, replaces the standard magnesium roof and anti-roll bars with a carbon fiber – also unlocks the option to purchase magnesium wheels for $13,000 USD on top of it.

This 2019 Porsche 911 GT3 RS has been optioned with the Weissach Pack out of the factory which aims to reduce the weight of the car. The car is finished in black over black and Lizard Green leather and Alcantara and only shows 1,900 miles on the odometer.

Additional features for this 991.2 GT3 RS include a limited-slip differential, the Sport Chrono Package, staggered diameter center-lock alloy wheels, a front-axle lift system, xenon headlights, a rear wing, a backup camera, carbon-fiber-backed bucket seats, PCM with navigation, a Bose sound system, and an extended-range fuel tank.

This Porsche 991.2 GT3 RS is a highly acclaimed contemporary sports car that boasts exceptional performance capabilities both on the road and the racetrack, thanks to the Weissach Pack enhancements. With impressive specifications and presented in impeccable condition, this car would undoubtedly make an outstanding addition to any collection of modern supercar icons!

Note: All photos are courtesy of Bring A Trailer