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For Sale: 1991 Porsche Koenig-Specials C62

1991 Porsche Koenig-Specials C62 © Issimi

Issimi is currently offering a 1991 Porsche Koenig-Specials C62 for sale. Only three Koenig Specials were built, and the example is one of them.

During the 1980s and up until the early 1990s, the 956 and its successor the 962 from Porsche’s Group C/IMSA completely dominated endurance racing. As one of the most successful race cars of all time, these cars have the performance, reliability, and efficiency that both works and privateer teams look for. Unfortunately, when the 1990s started, there were a series of rule changes that made it obvious that the end of the days of the 962 on the track are fast approaching.

Since the 962 was extremely competitive and long-lived, there were a large number of 962s produced despite it being a racing prototype. Roughly 125 units of the 962 were produced which led to a large number of these cars all becoming obsolete all at once.

1991 Porsche Koenig-Specials C62 © Issimi

By this time, the supercar craze was in full swing. The F40 and 959 have firmly established themselves as one of the most desirable cars with Jaguar and Bugatti promising to release exciting supercars as well. To take advantage of the supercar craze, some enterprising companies tried to convert the 962s for road use. The first of these 962s to b e converted was the Koenig Specials. It easily became the most outrageous 1980s tuners for their turbocharged widebody creations which were greatly influenced by the most prestigious cars of the time like Porsche, Ferrari, BMW, Lamborghini, and Mercedes.

Having had experience racing a 962, Munich-based Koenig did not simply change the lights and license plates on the race car and called it a day. They actually comprehensively re-engineered the architecture of the 962 to make it more road worthy and created the C62. It strongly resembled the 962 though in reality the body panels of the cars are neither shared nor interchangeable.

To comply with German regulations, they raised the headlights and the fenders and redesigned the underfloor to give more aerodynamic balance to offset the updated fenders. They also added an opening front compartment and plexiglass engine lid for regular light maintenance. They replaced the removable clamshells of the race cars though the rear clamshell can still be removed on the C62 if heavy service was needed.

1991 Porsche Koenig-Specials C62 © Issimi

As for the engine, it was a 3.4-liter twin-turbocharged intercooled 911 engine with 2-valve air-cooled heads and running Motronic fuel-injection and individual throttle bodies. In 2019, it could still produce a dyno-verified 550hp with a conservative boost limit of 1.0 bar and a full exhaust system including catalytic converters. Koenig also completely changed the suspension and gave it softer springs and dampers though it kept its factory 962 brakes though with more street-oriented pads.

Originally, Koenig wanted to build thirty C62s, but in the end they were only able to make three examples. Oliver Koenig recently confirmed that the example on offer is the second of the three cars that were created. In March 1990. Koenig purchased the chassis new from Thompson, one of the few entities that made their own chassis to improve the crashworthiness and rigidity of the factory tubs. They completed the car in July 1991, and subsequently sold it to a Japanese in August of the same year. Most of the example’s life was spent in Japan being acquired by a few collectors. The recent consigner purchased it and brought it to the United States in 2019.

In Japan, the example was very rarely used, and it had less than 5,000km of mileage from new. Experts who examined the car when it arrived in the United States confirmed it. When the example arrived in California, the car was thoroughly serviced and since then an additional 1,000 mileage has been added. It ran smoothly and reliably. It was also given regular maintenance which included new tires, alignment, oil change, new spark plugs, replacement of the driver’s side tie rod, fresh brake fluid, fixing various leaks, new door struts, brake adjustment, and running the example on the dyno.

The example is cosmetically unrestored and makes a great visual impression. Paint is still glossy especially in terms of race car standards, but a closer look would reveal some stress cracks in the finish, as well as some minor imperfections in various areas of the car. Composite Kevlar was used on the bodywork, but it was finished to high standards with smooth surfacing throughout. Wheels are still in excellent shape and shows purposeful billet racing calipers anodized in gold with red Brembo script. Lights are in generally great shape though there is a small crack on the edge of the right headlight cover. It was equipped with HID headlights and has fully functioning turn indicators and reverse lamps.

For the interior, it has been stripped of upholstery even the carpets. The dash fascia has leather and the carbon fiber seats have thin leather cushions. A period correct set of analog Porsche instruments with white faces, red indications, and Koenig C62 labels give the driver information as well as a dedicated boost gauge. The red leather rims on the gauges and the leather harness aperture trims on the seats show signs of use.

1991 Porsche Koenig-Specials C62 © Issimi

Unlike the original 962, the example was equipped with a hinged, opening front and rear panels so the clam shells does not have to be removed to access the mechanical systems for light maintenance. To access the whole engine, as well as the transaxle, suspension, and the two turbos, the clam shells can still be removed. The whole engine compartment and chassis are in clean unrestored condition.

The example runs and drives well and is very consistent and reliable considering its age and unique machinery. Due to the catalytic converters and large mufflers, the car is quiet on the outside though the engine noise is quite loud inside.

Driving the example is a completely different experience. It is intimidating, intense, and even impractical as a street car. Its design makes it quote impossible to ignore for both enthusiasts and simple lay men. The C62 is also a valuable part of automotive history, the purest form of homage to the supercar craze. It is a race car that was simply modified to be driven on the road and has kept all its legendary features to make it a true collectible icon. It is gorgeous, extremely rare, with a great history, that provides an unmatched driving experience.

This 1991 Porsche Koenig-Specials C62 is being offered for $995,000.