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Driving One Of The Most Underrated Models From Porsche: The 914/6

The Porsche 914 often stands as one of the most underrated models in the manufacturer’s storied history. Lacking the striking aesthetics and the high-performance reputation of its 911 counterpart, the 914 has been labeled by some as the poor man’s Porsche. Its partnership with Volkswagen, leading to some European variants bearing the VW badge, further contributed to its underappreciation.

The base 914 featured Volkswagen’s flat four-cylinder engine, churning out a modest 80 horsepower. Even with the lightweight Porsche design, its acceleration left something to be desired. To address this, Porsche introduced another version: the 914/6, equipped with a six-cylinder engine that pushed the power output beyond 100 horsepower.

Regrettably, this upgrade came at a premium price, almost matching that of a standard 911. The 914/6 commanded a retail price of nearly $6,000, approaching the cost of a 911 T. Consequently, only 3,351 units found buyers. Despite this, the 914/6 earned a reputation as one of Porsche’s finest-handling cars, becoming the preferred choice for many accomplished road-racing drivers and autocross enthusiasts of its time.

Checkout this video from Tedward to find out what this underappreciated Porsche feels like to drive and why you shouldn’t overlook it anymore.