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Porsche 914/6 (2.0 L)

Porsche 914/6 (2.0L) (1970 – 1972)

The standard 914 was powered by Volkswagen’s horizontal four-cylinder engine, producing a power output of 80 hp. Even with the lightweight Porsche body, acceleration suffered. The solution to this was to offer a second version: the 914/6, powered by a six-cylinder engine, total power output exceeded 100 hp.

Unfortunately, this came with an extra cost– the 914/6 was nearly as expensive as a standard 911. Despite several impressive victories on the motor racing scene, the 914/6 only sold 3,300 models in its three-year run, establishing its status as a collectible classic.

The 914 equipped with VW’s four cylinder engine was Porsche’s best selling car during its model run, with over 118,000 sold worldwide. The 914-6 sold poorly during its model run due to the fact it cost nearly the same amount as a low end 911 at the time.

The 914/6 was a particularly outstanding sports car thanks to its 2.0 liter flat-six engine lifted from the 911T. Six-cylinder 914s enjoyed success in rallying and GT racing, and could have done more had they not come dangerously close to outperforming the flagship 911. In spite of high prices and the stigma of being considered a rebadged VW when new, the 914 sold very well between 1969 and 1976.