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Dan Gurney
Solitude, 15 July1962: Dan Gurney behind the wheel of a Porsche 804 Formula 1 at the Solitude

Dan Gurney, the well-known racing driver, passed away on 14 January 2018.
Where does one start with a driver like Dan Gurney? He was an inspiration to many, admired by both rivals and friends alike, and an all-round good guy. His racing achievements are so numerous and his victories so varied, that it would take a book to do them justice. But under that tough, competitive front lay a likeable and easy-going nature that, when folk approached him, would break into that familiar broad California smile.

Dan Gurney and Jo Bonnier
Solitude 1962: Dan Gurney on the podium with Jo Bonnier (right)

I had the pleasure of making his acquaintance on two separate occasions, one in a face-to-face meeting and the other was on the telephone when I interviewed him a couple of years back. On both occasions, he was so easy to get on with, that I was actually taken aback.

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