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Chris Harris Drives A Lightweight And High-Revving Porsche 911 Restomod

Last year, Tuthill, a UK-based company renowned for its expertise in creating top-tier rally-spec Porsche cars, introduced a lightweight and high revving Porsche 911 restomod and what better way to demonstrate its exceptional performance by Chris Harris drive it and push it to its limits.

The Tuthill Porsche 911K is equipped with a 3.1-liter four-valve engine capable of revving up to an astounding 11,000 rpm, generating approximately 350 brake horsepower (bhp). This translates to an extraordinary power-to-weight ratio. The best part about the 911K is that it only weight 846 kilograms thanks to a vast amount of carbon-fibre used on the design.

Richard Tuthill has also claimed that further reductions in weight are possible, potentially lowering its weight to below below 800kg. This suggests an exciting future for enthusiasts who are eager to witness how this reimagined lightweight Porsche can evolve.