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Checkout Porsche’s Rock Crawling Rig That Set A New Altitude World Record

In the realm of high-performance sports cars, the Porsche 911 has long been a symbol of speed, precision, and engineering excellence. However, enter the world of off-road adventure, and you’ll discover a pair of unique 911s which are featured in a video below by TFLoffroad YouTube channel.

These two specially modified 911s were commissioned to achieve an extraordinary feat—ascend Ojos del Salado in Chile, the highest volcano in the world. Setting a world record by reaching an astonishing altitude of 22,093 feet (6,734 meters) above sea level.

How did Porsche achieved this? Well, they took a Carrera 4s and modify it starting with the tires which were upgraded to BFG KM3 mud terrains—larger and more robust than the standard 911 tires. Underneath the hood, the familiar boxer turbocharged six-cylinder engine of the 992 911 received a turbo boost to compensate for the power loss at high altitudes, ensuring the vehicles could handle the extreme conditions.

Key modifications also included improving ground clearance to 13.5 inches and introducing a portal axle. This innovative axle not only kept the half shaft straight, akin to a G-Wagon 4×4 squared, but also allowed for an adjustable drive ratio. This 4-to-1 ratio proved crucial for crawling capabilities, albeit limiting the top speed to approximately 80 km/h—a deliberate choice that made these 911s some of the slowest ever made.