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Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo concept (2018)
The Mission E Cross Turismo concept is a more outdoorsy activity-wagon version that was first displayed at the 2018 Geneva motor show. This concept was built as a drivable car. Porsche essentially took the Mission E project’s hardware in development, so it serves as a snapshot of where things stood about two years into a five-year program.
With the Mission E prototype at the IAA 2015, Porsche offered a preview of a vehicle that will be a genuine Porsche and a fully-fledged alternative to vehicles with a combustion engine – in terms of both driving performance and range. The concept car combines the unmistakable emotional design of a Porsche with excellent performance and the forward-thinking practicality of the first 800-volt drive system. Four doors and four single seats, all electric and over 600 hp.