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Auburn Commission by Singer Vehicle Design

Singer Vehicle Design – Auburn Commission

Today, we take a closer look at the Singer Vehicle Designs Auburn Commission. This left hand drive coupe has a fairly standard exterior and interior combination that we have seen a bunch on other Singer car, but it looks great so why mess with a proven formula. This is a Classic Study car, which means it was restored in Singer’s California center of excellence. This car was shared with the public in August 2022.

This 4.0L, AWD coupe in Light Ivory has the fan-favorite centrally-mounted fuel filler and side-mounted oil-filler. Wheels are specified with closed lugnuts and sit in front of our carbon-ceramic braking system. Brake calipers are presented in Bahama Yellow with white lettering. At the rear of the car, the titanium sports exhaust system is fitted, while the rear decklid cover is specified with a mesh insert and 4.0L designation. Rear bumperettes are presented with a nickel finish, complementing the raised nickel decklid badging. Singer says they’ve been developing all-wheel-drive expertise for almost a decade, enabling owners to incorporate the technology into their preferred specification, but we imagine this is quite rare compared to the rear-wheel drive only cars built by Singer.

The interior of this car is trimmed in Cumin. It gets lightweight carbon-fiber track seats are specified for this 4.0L, AWD coupe. The seats are presented in Cumin with seat centers featuring a bespoke suede-mix weave incorporating Chocolat and Mt. Blanc stripes. The seats are completed by nickel grommets and seats backs finished in Light Ivory to match the exterior color of the car. Sills, transmission tunnel and rear compartment are also presented in Light Ivory. In the rear compartment, a leather-wrapped roll-hoop is specified and the stripe motif continues on the bulkhead. The rear left seat base incorporates an upgraded sub-woofer.

The central tachometer is presented in Cream with black markings, while neighboring gauges are the inverse. The shift knob for the 6-speed AWD transmission is specified in Ebony and Walnut. The oddments tray and center console insert are presented with a nickel finish. In the front luggage compartment, quilted leather in Cumin with Alabaster stitching frames the center-mounted fuel filler and fuel cell.

At the heart of the Auburn commission is a 4.0L, naturally-aspirated, air-cooled flat-six. The engine is specified with velocity stacks in Champagne Gold. Power is transmitted to the ground through a 6-speed, manual, all-wheel-drive transmission. Internally, the engine bay is completed with diamond-quilted leather in Cumin, matched to the car’s interior.

Photo Credit: Singer Vehicle Designs