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Air-Cooled Magic in a Land of Make Believe

Luftgekühlt 6 - Porsche 911 Mexican town scene
Luftgekühlt 6 - Porsche 356 street scene
Luftgekühlt 6 – Porsche 356 street scene

There was an obvious irony to Luftgekühlt 6. Somehow an event devoted to the gravitas and authenticity of the air-cooled Porsche era took the spotlight among the Universal Studios back lots in Hollywood which is made up of facades cleverly designed to reflect almost any time and place. Essentially, a land of make believe, ideal for a bit of air-cooled magic…

Luftgekühlt 6 - Porsche 911 city block facade
Luftgekühlt 6 – Porsche 911 city block facade

At every turn, decades of Porsche history took up temporary residence in front of fake fronts, such as hotels, a city hall, a theatre, “red brick” walls, brownstones, an opera house, a general store, a bank, a church, and advertisements. An entire city block facade, four stories high, showed doors and windows in only two dimensions bordered the event.

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