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2005 Gemballa 911 GT 3.8

Gemballa have recently released some details of their 997 tuning program. At first glace their GT 3.8 offers a subtle styling upgrade, one that we feel works well with the 997 design language and isn’t as garish as previous Gemballas. To achieve this look, Gemballa uses a new front end, new rear end with spoiler and side skirts having air intakes.

Under the hood, a new powerkit is available. It features headers, catalists, rear mufflers and tailpipes, but Gemballa has yet to release any power figures.

For the chassis, the usual 20 inch wheels are offered, with a sports suspension and racing brake system. Details are listed in the spec table provided.

Although we have no pictures to offer, Gemballa have made a new interior with a sports steering wheel, short throw shifter, alloy pedals and Gemballa seats.