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1016 Industries Debuts new 992 Turbo S Aero Components

New carbon fiber designs are lighter and aerodynamically optimized

Reviewed & edited by Rex McAfee

3-D Printed Carbon

Recognized worldwide throughout the automotive industry for their 3D-printed carbon fiber designs, 1016 Industries is pleased to present the all-new carbon-fiber 992 Turbo S Aero by 9Design. Adapting features from the 992 GT3, the new Turbo S features aerodynamically optimized elements seamlessly integrated into the original lines. The carbon fiber throughout the car provides a lighter, more robust baseline for the 992, allowing for even more impressive handling and performance. 1016 Industries unveiled the all-new 992 Turbo S at the DRT Miami Car Show.

“Our commitment to perfection is exemplified with our all-new 992 carbon fiber design,” comments 1016 Industries CEO Peter Northrop. “Porsche enthusiasts are among the most detailed automotive collectors in the world. The 1016 Industries 992 Turbo S 9Design utilizes only the highest quality materials and most sophisticated technologies to create a product truly worthy of the Porsche marque.”


The new carbon-fiber 992 Turbo S Aero program will be made available in both traditional woven and forged carbon fiber, which can be manufactured with special satin or gloss finishes at additional cost upon request. The all-new 992 carbon fiber designs include a front aero lip ($7,620), side intake ($3,935), and a front hood priced at $11,690. 1016 Industries also engineered wing tips ($3,695), side skirts ($5,640), rear wing ($9,795), and a rear diffuser ($11,690) that provide a flawless OEM fit.


Precisely manufactured in limited quantities, each 1016 Industries 9Design design vehicle showcases incredibly rare, lightweight materials that are among the most durable in the world. The 1016 Industries 992 Turbo S by 9Design starts are more than $200,000. The new 1016 Industries carbon fiber package is available for $54,065 without installation.


For more information, please visit or call 786-755-1177.

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