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1974 Porsche RS 3.0 Carrera
Chassis No: 911 460 9029 Engine No: 684 0053 Prod. No: 104 2302 G/box No: 716 1222 (15/1) Colour: White/Gold First delivered to: Sonauto Dealership , Paris, France Aluminum roll bar fitted First registered as: 556 ACR 75 There are... Read More
The Amazing Story of the Porsche 917
The loophole Porsche racecar Ferrari couldn’t touch! The Porsche 917 was the brainchild of engineering genius Ferdinand Piëch, the grandchild of Ferdinand Porsche and nephew of Ferry Porsche. The 917 was the only Porsche model produced with the 12-cylinder engine... Read More
Lightweight Dutchmann Porsche 964 Restomod
On-board drive & in-depth review An on-board drive & in-depth review of the specs and build principles applied to our Lightweight ’92 Porsche 964 Weekend Racer. We focus on the driving characteristics of the 964 model range and how our... Read More
Is it Worth An Extra $10,000? How significant is the $10,000 lightweight package for the 992 Porsche Turbo S? It subtracts 80 lbs from the overall package, resulting in 0-60 times in the *low 2’s* and a quarter mile number... Read More
Porsche Taycan GTS Video Review The Taycan GTS is probably the sweet-spot, with huge performance, superb driving dynamics and all the luxury you could need. The GTS also boasts the best range of the Taycan lineup so you can have... Read More
VIDEO: Coffee Run in a Porsche GT4 RS
This is What Peak Porsche Feels Like Porsche Switzerland lends Luke a brand new GT4 RS for a long stint and he does the right thing and immediately takes it out for a quick coffee run. We have always been... Read More

Porsche 911 - The Ultimate Guide

The History of the 911 and Every Model Variant Ever Made

Recent Porsche News & Updates

Current Porsche 992 Market and A Deep Dive into the Crazy Secondary Market Pricing If you are looking to buy a new Porsche 911 you already know that getting your hands on one through Porsche directly is really tough. If... Read More
If you're not one for celebrating special models that don't improve performance, this 2023 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Cabriolet America will be right up your alley. Porsche has gone beyond just slapping on some new paint, unique trim, and special wheels. There is some performance to go along with the history behind the America name-plated Porsche, besides the incredibly long name. Read More
Cracking car and history After the trip to Spain, Harry’s tweaked ‘Sonderwunsch’ Porsche 930 Turbo S was fully run in and once Jaz Porsche had completed its first service, he took it to Lichfield Motors where they put it on... Read More
Porsche’s V8-powered 928 has been re-imagined with a modern twist by a young French company called Nardone Automotive. The restomodded coupe receives design tweaks inside and out, a custom-built body made with carbon fiber, and a 400-horsepower V8 engine. The... Read More
A white Porsche at the Los Angeles Dismantler yard in Sun Valley California.
Porsche design cues trace their origins to a sawmill in Gmünd, Austria where the first hand-crafted sportscars bearing the family name were born. Curves penned by designers over decades both honored tradition and advanced the marque forward. What happens to... Read More
John Starkey, Sandra, and Mauro Borella
My first “real” racing car was a Porsche RS/R, which I bought in the mid-1980s. Previously, I had done quite a lot of Hillclimbs in England with, first of all, a variety of Jaguar XK120s and then a 1974 Porsche... Read More
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