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Why the Porsche 959 wasn’t sold in the United States in the end

I think we all know about the holy trinity of hypercars, the McLaren P1, the Ferrari LaFerrari, and the Porsche 918 Spyder, but did you know that there was another holy trinity back in the Eighties? This time a trio of supercars really dominated the market in the late Eighties, one of them was the Lamborghini Countach, another one was the Ferrari F40 … and the third one was the Porsche 959, initially created to be a Group B race car alongside the Ferrari 288 GTO, but in the end that never came to fruition, and despite popular belief, the Porsche 959 was not built to be a rally car from the start, that only happened afterward.

Despite you’ll be able to find several Porsche 959 located in the United States these days, back in the mid to late Eighties, Porsche never officially imported the car into the US, if you want to hear the entire story about this, and a very interesting one if you ask me, take a look at the video below from VinWiki, and do stay until the end when John talks about a Gen 3 Porsche 959 with over 800 hp: