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Watch a Porsche GT3 and GT3 RS Go Head-to-Head at the Dragstrip

Some German-Engineered Fun

The Porsche 911 GT3 and GT3 RS are both amazing cars. On a racetrack, the GT3 RS is the obvious winner with more power and better aerodynamics, but what happens when you put them on the dragstrip? Is the RS really a faster car in a straight line? Well, the guys at the YouTube channel DragTimes decided to find out.

The GT3 RS comes with a significant price hike over the GT3 and seeing the two cars race side by side will put into perspective what the speed difference is in a straight line. It’s worth thinking about if you’re looking at the GT3 or a GT3 RS. The jump of $40,000 from the GT3 to the GT3 RS is a notable one, and you’ll have to decide if it’s worth it. 

The video below can help you do that. While you might not be drag racing your Porsche, it’s a good way to see the difference between the cars. We won’t spoil the results for you, but we can say it’s definitely worth the watch. Watch it and then we’ll go over the results below the video.

As you can see, these two cars are extremely evenly matched on the drag strip. Both drivers got good launches and had no issues during the several runs. This suggests that you might be better off saving the $40,000. If you frequent the racetrack, though, the GT3 RS’s upgrades will still make a big difference, though.