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VIDEO: This Porsche 356 Is Driven Against The Grain

1956 Porsche 356 C

“When you’re out there in something like this, people just stop and…it might not even look like a car at first…it might look like a small spaceship floating around out there,” says Matt Hummel, adding, “this is my favorite car to get lost in”.

A mis-spelled Craigslist ad led Hummel to this barn find-condition Porsche 356 that had been sitting since the ’70s, and is now used lovingly—with refurbished mechanicals—as his dirt road and desert driving machine. And to the people who see him and his car out in the middle of nowhere, he has an answer: “This is a real Porsche…and it’s out here,” he says.

Years of hunting around the world for Volkswagen parts led Hummel to Porsche parts and cars, and he has amassed a large number of hard-to-find parts and a small collection of vehicles. Now, he only looks for old cars with their true character and patina still attached to them. The monetary value of the vehicle doesn’t matter to Hummel, his joy comes from simply getting out and enjoying his travels far off the beaten path.

“You don’t have to feel inferior because you don’t have shiny paint,” he says. “Just get it running. Drive it now.”