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VIDEO: Porsche 914/6 Targa Racing Clips

Porsche 914/6 Targa Racing Cars Tribute

This video is dedicated to some Porsche 914/6 Targa in a racing version that I have had the pleasure of seeing in action in recent years. The clips were made in historic Hillclimb races such as Bologna-San Luca and Bologna-Raticosa. Others on tracks like Mugello and Misano and at Vernasca Silver Flag, a dynamic revival for vintage cars. The Porsche 914 is a less common model than the 911; it’s a sports car with a removable roof born from the collaboration between the VW group and Porsche.

The peculiarity lies in the central-rear engine’s which reached its peak with the introduction of the 2.0-litre flat-six already in use on the 911 model. The 914/6 GT and 914/6 R versions introduced in the early 70s were the perfect basis for creating a racing variant to obtain homologation in group 4. These racing versions with a weight of around 900Kg, and a power of over 200hp at 8,000 rpm, moved by a 5-speed manual gearbox, they were extremely fast.