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VIDEO: How the All-Electric Car Concept One Just Destroyed the Porsche 918 on a Drag Race

All-Electric Car Concept One vs Porsche 918 on a Drag Race

A Porsche 918 with 887-hp and equipped with a high-performance upgrade dubbed “Weissach Package” is pitted against a 1,088-hp Rimac Concept One in a drag race. And the results weren’t that obvious. The Concept One beat the Porsche 918 consistently in every race.

The Porsche 918 was driven by Salomondrin, a supercar fanatic we all know well. Salomondrin decided to race against a Concept One to see how fast this all-electric car is. While the all-electric Croation Car was driven by no other than Mate Rimac, the CEO and and founder of Rimac Automobili. Mate Rimac has no experience or whatsoever driving on a drag strip and still managed to get the full potential of the Concept One.

Here’s what Mate have to say about race:

“Racing on a prepared drag strip was a first for me – I have never seen such a track in person. I thought that the grip is going to be on such insane levels that there won’t be any slip at all. I had no idea what to expect – my thoughts went from “We will brake some records here today!” to “Will the driveshafts survive the grip?”

The two met during Monterey Car Week. It was during this time that Mate Rimac introduced the Concept One to Salomondrin and the story behind his company. Mate talked about what’s the concept and goal of his company with the introduction of their Concept One. At the time that it was released, the Concept one was considered to be the first electric supercar and fastest electric automobile until it was surpassed by the Rimac Concept S.

What’s even more amazing about the Concept One in this particular race is that it only used up 1.96 kWh of its power for each of the quarter mile run. The race lasted for about six runs and has two test runs. The Concept One ended up with 72% power from being 95% charged at the start of the race. This is equivalent to only 0.396 gallons of gasoline consumed for all the runs!