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VIDEO: All-Electric Porsche Mission R Track Review

Top Gear had the opportunity to drive the 1,073-hp Porsche Mission R Concept

Porsche has two major goals with the Mission R Concept that debuted in September 2021. On the one hand, this compact all-electric supercar is a preview of the next-generation Cayman EV. While we doubt the production car will pack 1,073 horsepower from a dual-motor AWD powertrain like the concept, it could borrow a lot of the Mission R’s styling and technical solutions. On the other hand, Porsche says the Mission R hints at a possible electric future for its racing program, and as Top Gear’s Ollie Marriage found out while driving it on a track, there’s nothing to worry about regarding Porsche’s race cars going all-electric; quite the opposite: there’s a lot to look forward to.