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This Is The First Porsche 928 Ever Produced

The Porsche 928 was the company’s first production car with a V-8 engine and the only coupe powered by a front-mounted V-8 as of today. Developed in the 1970s as a replacement of the 911, the 928 was eventually sold alongside the rear-engine sports car. Production lasted from 1977 until 1995.

Porsche’s only luxury grand tourer up to date, the 928 was sold in various configurations. In addition to the base model, Porsche offered an S variant and later on changed the badge to the 928 S4. Club Sport (CS) and GT versions followed while the final four model years saw the 928 sold as a GTS only.

While it wasn’t as popular as the 911, the 928 developed a following, and it’s now considered a classic. Design-wise, the 928 stayed largely untouched stylistically. The biggest changes were improvements made to the power- and drivetrains, tweaks to the suspension, rearrangement of options and packaging, and mostly cosmetic adjustments aside from minor body additions to improve aerodynamics. It had a great 18 years life, but we are pretty happy that in the end, the 928 never achieved its original goal of replacing the Porsche 911.

What we have here is the first Porsche 928 ever produced brought to us by Rennfilms YouTube channel. It holds the distinction of being one of the first 12 hand-built vehicles crafted after the prototypes, destined for the press launch in Nice, France, in late February 1977. Watch the video to learn more about the story of this Porsche 928 #1.