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The Phantom Speedster

Porsche 911 S/T design inspiration with genes from the Carrera 3.2 Coupé.

A Stunning Speedster Restomod

You guys already know we’re huge fans of DP Motorsport thanks to a steady flow of awesome restomods over the years from this small German customizer. Today, we go back to 2018 when we first saw their awesome Speedster restomod.

The Porsche 911 Speedster was always considered far too modern to be backdated, but apparently nobody told DP Motorsports. This car started out as a 911 Targa 3.2 that was converted in the late 1990s, into a Speedster. The owner  deemed the look ‘too modern’ to be properly enjoyed. That was when the Porsche was dropped off to DP Motorsport for a full visual backdate. With the aesthetics of a 1973 911 in mind, the famed Porsche bodywork builder set to work crafting custom panels for this car’s unique look. They’re calling this the “Phantom Speedster”, which is strangely fitting.

On went the F-Model-Body kits DP11F Carrera-Widebody from DP Motorsport. Its combination of one inch wider wheel housings, a slightly lowered front bumper as well as redesigned side sills. A brilliant and thoughtful feature: these side sills cover the oil pipes in order to provide a more attractive trim at the bottom edge of the sills. It all combines to give this Speeders an interesting early 1970s ‘longhood’ look that somehow works quite well with the speedster bits. With the fenders, bumpers, hood, and rear tail panel swapped out for the earlier-look pieces, only a few pieces needed to be manufactured to complete the look. DP decided on a set of 993-style aero mirrors, which don’t look quite right to my eyes. Their lower rocker covers are a completely custom affair that give the 911 a more vintage look, while hiding the oil-cooler lines running underneath them. Similarly, the front bumper’s valance needed to be modified to hide the oil-cooler itself.

The Porsche, in its current state, is largely mechanically similar to the Carrera 3.2 on which it is based. For now, the 911 has received nothing more than a set of H&R wheel spacers and a lower ride height. This winter, however, the Speedster will get a bump in power with a custom performance exhaust, a larger throttle body, and new camshafts. It will, at the same time, receive a fully adjustable KW Clubsport coilover suspension kit and new wheel bearings.