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The Next Porsche Hypercar Might Be An EV and Involve Rimac

The 918 Successor Would Sit Atop the Lineup

Porsche’s 918 successor is in the works, but it’s a long way from coming out even in concept form. The team is still deliberating on how to make the vehicle and what it should be. According to CEO Oliver Blume in a recent interview with Top Gear, the car could be a fully electric model. 

“It has to be the best in the market, the highest performing… right now we haven’t got a concept for that car. But might it be a pure-electric car? Yes,” he said.

Porsche is not unfamiliar with EV technology and fully electric cars by any means. The company owns 10 percent stake in Rimac. The all-electric Taycan is coming out in September, and it’s adding EV and hybrid versions of many of its models in the future. The Taycan is pretty much already a success with over 20,000 customers placing a roughly $2,800 deposit for the car. As long as it’s as good as it looks, Porsche’s future may be electric. 

According to Top Gear, Porsche is kicking around the idea of making the next generation Cayenne all-electric. This could depend on where solid-state battery technology is at that time. That type of battery technology is expected to push electric cars to the next level.