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The Best Porsche Ads from Over the Years

80 of the Coolest Porsche Print Ads Ever

Porsche has always had some awesome marketing folks and some hilarious ads over the years. This week we decided to go back in time and find as many of the best Porsche ads we could find throughout the years. Don’t worry, we didn’t include any of the boring Porsche SUVs and big selling models, we focused on Porsche ads that were all about the 911 and other cool models from yesteryear.

From what we can figure out, the company’s first notable print advertising campaigns date from the early ’60s, with the Porsche 356 and the first generation 911 being the focus. Ever since, most Porsche print ads followed a simple yet efficient recipe for successful impact on the consumer. Coming in the form of a single page ad, most prints are comprised of a half-page picture of a car, coupled to a brilliant one-liner beneath it, extolling the virtues of driving and owning such an emotional machine.

Porsche has always been known for creative advertising and pointed slogans and there are lots of pithy one-liners and hilarious sayings. Hard to imagine, but even an advertisement with the theme “drive slowly” there was. At the beginning of the 70s, people were already busy with the rapidly increasing traffic and the crowded streets and highways. It was not always fast. For “creeping” Porsche has now packed even more muscle under the hood. Even fewer domes and shifting.

With that said, check out the best Porsche print ads we could dig up and have a laugh.