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RM Sotheby’s Celebrates 70 years of Porsche with a Stellar Selection

1983 Porsche 956-110 awaits its turn on the auction block
Lot 200 – 1983 Porsche 956-110 awaits its turn on the auction block

The mental wheels started turning when RM Sotheby’s announced on 9 March 2018 that a single marque Porsche auction would be held at the Porsche Cars North America facility in Atlanta on the weekend of 27 October. The auction was fashioned around a celebration of Porsche’s 70th anniversary. Although no lots were yet known, the promise of a stellar selection of Porsche machinery from around the world was tantalising enough.

Porsche 911s line up before the sale
Only a Porsche family portrait could feature decades of progress through a study focusing on rear fender flairs

For Porsche enthusiasts, a year with a Rennsport Reunion VI in September followed by an opportunity to acquire a special car in October certainly made for some buzz within the community. RM Sotheby’s steadily posted updates on their website with lots added for sale. Make no mistake – this was going to be a big event for the Porsche Experience Centre in Atlanta to celebrate Porsche’s 70th anniversary, but it was foremost an auction to sell cars.

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