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Porsche Vision Gran Turismo (2022)

2022 Porsche Vision Gran Turismo – Ultimate Guide

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the Gran Turismo game series, a Japanese video game developed by studio Polyphony Digital Inc., a subsidiary of Sony Interactive Entertainment, where the Vision Gran Turismo program, also known as Vision GT or even VGT has given us some of the most impressive concept cars, mostly fictional, but still utterly amazing to look at and imagine driving them … which you can do in the game naturally.

The first car that comes to mind is the 2015 Bugatti Vision GT, an absolutely stunning concept that was built as a show car to the 2015 IAA in Frankfurt, but let’s not forget the equally impressive-looking McLaren Ultimate Vision GT or the stunning Lamborghini V12 Vision Gran Turismo in her satin green livery, and now there is a new concept released.

Porsche has joined the ranks of the Vision GT program, aptly named the Porsche Vision Gran Turismo, this concept was created purely for the virtual world of the 7th edition of Gran Turismo to be released on March 4 2022 for both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5, “A vehicle designed purely for the virtual world opens up exciting possibilities for us that are otherwise heavily regimented in a regular design process for a series production car,” says Michael Mauer, Vice President Style Porsche. “Projects such as the Porsche Vision Gran Turismo are particularly valuable for us in the creative process. Further developing our clearly defined Porsche Design DNA and exchanging with designers from other industries is an important part of our work.”

Porsche’s Vision Gran Turismo might be very futuristic-looking, but she does boast some very recognizable features that make her undeniably a Porsche, like the typical proportion between height and width of the design, a very low bonnet with large, round wings alongside, while the pure style of the front with the air intakes remind us of the Porsche Taycan, and yes, the Vision Gran Turismo is all-electric in case you were wondering.

At the back, we find that typical narrow strip of lights, inspired by both the 911 and the Taycan, with a very aggressive looking diffuser, no exhausts as there is no ICE engine, but note how the rear fenders, especially the section behind the rear wheels is almost carved out of the body to create a dramatic look and exposes part of the rear tires at the same time, just an amazing detail on this concept car, I really like the vertical red lights integrated into the fins of the diffuser by the way.

On the inside, the Porsche style is continued with a curved hologram display that seems to float in the thin air above the very special steering wheel, because the seats are placed so low into the body you just feel the dynamics at play, even standing still, the inside is created from carbon fiber and titanium to reduce weight and increase performance in one go, Porsche used entirely vegan materials in the concept car.

“The appeal of a Porsche comes from its purist design,” says Kazunori Yamauchi, President, Polyphony Digital. “And in terms of engineering expertise, both we and Porsche follow the same perfectionist philosophy. We share the same passion for racing and are looking to the future of the car.”

Naturally, there is a strategic advantage for Porsche to expand into the vast gaming industry. “We can engage young and digital target groups in the place where their automotive dreams are born: the world of gaming,” says Robert Ader, Vice President Marketing at Porsche AG. “The partnership with Polyphony Digital and ‘Gran Turismo’ is a perfect fit for Porsche, because motorsport – whether real or virtual – is part of our DNA.”

Check out this amazing launch video on the Porsche Vision GT:

After viewing the above video, let’s enjoy some more details of this amazing looking Porsche Vision Gran Turismo, there’s even a bespoke helmet: