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Porsche Type 64 – A Star is Born

Engineering drawing of the Porsche Type 64 (16 September 1938). Note the provision for two spare wheels in the front luggage compartment

Often overlooked, the Porsche Type 64 holds a significant place in the history of Porsche sports cars.

Great strides were taken in motor car performance during the 1920s and 1930s, a development that actively fed the motorsport industry, which in turn grew in popularity at an astonishing rate. During this time, the automobile became an object of national identity and pride, encouraging further innovation as drivers from the nation of their birth sought to bring glory to that country. This served to boost nationalism and to showcase a nation’s technological prowess, resulting in some of the most streamlined racers in the world, such as the 16-cylinder Auto Union and Mercedes Grand Prix race cars.

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